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Centers & Institutes

TCU利用其领导地位将学习者和专家与共同目标联系起来. These specialized centers and institutes demonstrate the university’s commitment to sharing knowledge and resources with our community and the world, supporting the Horned 青蛙家族为更大的利益服务.



数字表达中心(CDEx)支持数字写作,研究和 教学的同时探索新兴技术之间的交集. Digital proficiency 为TCU的学生、教职员工提供培训服务.

Andrews Institute of Mathematics & Science Education

通过创造性的研究和持续的教育推广,安德鲁斯研究所 promotes innovative teaching techniques in mathematics and science while serving the community.

答:爱丽丝·尼利特殊教育研究中心 & Service Institute

Working with TCU’s two laboratory schools for children with learning differences (Starpoint and KinderFrogs), ANSERS promotes innovation and change in special education through 模范教学,研究和社区服务.


The CLC provides resources for all language learners and faculty in the Departments of Modern Language Studies and Spanish and Hispanic Studies, including tutoring, media studio space, computers, electronic equipment, and foreign language media and teaching tools.


该中心为学生和bc体育人士提供实践学习和能力 模拟设计小插图来评估照明的影响. Experiencing various qualities of light is central to the interior design program and the associated architectural lighting design minor.


By connecting education to the merchandising industry, this center forges meaningful industry partnerships that enhance the education and development of TCU merchandising students and faculty.

Center for Oncology Education & Research

Since 2007, the center has provided opportunities and programming for collaborative 教师、学生和社区合作伙伴之间的学习和研究 related to oncology nursing. TCU拥有全国唯一一个指定的护理bc体育 oncology emphasis track.

Center for Public Education (CPE)

CPE认识到教育是一项公民权利和人权,致力于解决影响教育的问题 学生、教育工作者、学校和社区. 该中心参与了各种倡议, 通过建立伙伴关系和促进研究,加强公众教育.

Center for Real Estate

该中心位于全国发展最快的都会区之一,带来了 学生和行业领袖一起连接,评估和创新解决方案 这将改变房地产的未来. 通过多学科方法, the center focuses on ethics, research and analytics, real-world business practices, 行业趋势,指导和推广.


This center examines all aspects of supply chain through a dynamic, integrated end-to-end lens, fostering innovation and insights through cutting-edge research and curriculum. The center partners with business leaders and experts from across industries to bring 通过案例研究,将现实世界的机遇和挑战带入课堂, facility tours, competitions, mentorship and networking opportunities, career exploration and more.

Center for Texas Studies

通过特别的活动和出版,这个学术资源单位致力于 preserving, sharing and commemorating the unique heritage of Texas for educators and the community at large.

TCU Center for Urban Studies

This center promotes research and interdisciplinary education on critical urban and metropolitan issues, partnering with organizations in Fort Worth and the greater North Texas region.

TCU IdeaFactory

这里是创意 变成现实的地方. 将创业精神与设计思维相结合, the TCU IdeaFactory provides resources, funding and advice for students who are looking 影响他们的社区,推动社会变革. 

Institute of Behavioral Research

A national research center for evaluating and improving treatment strategies to target reductions in drug abuse, related mental health and social issues, and public health 特别是艾滋病毒/艾滋病和高危人群中的感染.


This collaboration between departments, institutions, government and businesses creates a unique educational experience where research, teaching and partnerships result in 综合解决本地和全球环境问题.

Institute of Ranch Management

The Institute of Ranch Management works with its students, faculty and alumni to forge 与私营企业、机构和政府建立教育伙伴关系 在世界范围内,解决农业资源的管理问题.

Karyn Purvis儿童发展研究所

Named for its beloved late founder, the institute’s mission is research, education, 为 提供培训和外展服务,改善遭受虐待的儿童的生活, neglect and/or trauma.


This campus center engages with instructional staff, departments/units, and administration to facilitate innovative learning methodologies and technologies that promote engagement and improve learning.

Latin American Music Festival

The center focuses on preserving and sharing the uniqueness of Latino/Latina classical 也是著名的年度拉丁美洲音乐节的举办地,成立于20世纪90年代 他是管弦乐研究教授Germán gutisamurez.

LiiNK (Let ' s Inspire Innovation ' N Kids中心)

Launched in 2012, this ongoing research and training program has made promising discoveries related to the power of play for elementary school children, bridging the gap between 学者和学生的社会、身体和心理健康.


The LKCM Center provides resources, conferences and programs to enhance the academics 以及TCU金融bc体育学生、教师和行业bc体育人士的职业发展.

Miller Speech & Hearing Clinic

Since 1975, this resource center has provided clinical services to north Texans with 言语、语言、听力或吞咽问题. 可以转介到诊所 by physicians, speech-language pathologists, audiologists, psychologists, educators, 卫生保健bc体育人员或个人.

Monnig Meteorite Gallery

TCU拥有世界上最大的大学陨石收藏之一. The collection is used for both academic research and public outreach, with samples on 在向公众开放的互动式画廊中展示.


Open to companies and individuals, this center offers ongoing general and customized programs to help individuals and business organizations develop and reach their fullest leadership potential.


This popular institute fosters cross-campus innovative thinking to ignite the entrepreneurial spark in students of every major. 学生接受教育,机会和 resources to nurture their ideas through competitions, accelerator programs, scholarships, internships and more.


尼利商学院的学生可以获得宝贵的工具、一对一的指导和反馈 为了成功,自信地打造自己的个人品牌. Resources include self-awareness 评估,个人蓝图,商务写作,协助和润色 interview skills.


For more than 100 years, this academic track has prepared students for post-graduate study in dentistry, medicine, veterinary medicine and optometry, as well as physician assistant and pharmacy programs. 医学院的录取率平均为80% 是全国平均水平的两倍.

Ralph Lowe Energy Institute

The Ralph Lowe Energy Institute connects students and seasoned professionals to discover, discuss and innovate sustainable solutions that can power our nation and our world for generations to come. 从石油和天然气到太阳能和核能,该研究所 cultivates industry relationships, conducts research and develops human capital that 会引导我们度过下一次能源转型吗.

Sales Center

The Sales Center provides a hands-on, consultative approach, which mirrors real-world sales problems, competitions, quotas, and customer prospecting, giving students the 技能,知识和优势,他们需要茁壮成长的职业生涯中的销售.


Highly ranked TCU business faculty lead non-degree courses for professionals and business organizations to hone their skills, develop fresh thinking and discover new approaches 充分发挥他们的领导潜力.

TRIO Programs

TRIO是1964年高等教育法的一项倡议. TCU hosts two federally funded TRIO programs supporting college students from disadvantaged backgrounds: Student Support Services and the Ronald E. McNair学士学位后成就计划.

William L. Adams Center for Writing

The professional and peer writing consultants in this center provide helpful feedback on writing projects of any genre to TCU students, staff and faculty across all academic disciplines and colleges at TCU.