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5 Reasons We Love Our Hometown

Downtown Fort Worth


A cowboy in customary western attire rides a brown and white horse underneath a "Fort Worth Stock Yards" sign that spans across a street lined with old western buildings

The Attitude

No. 1

Worldly, yet humble. Fort Worth has plenty to brag about—but doesn’t. The city vibe is the perfect blend of extraordinarily well done and down home. We love our city’s western heritage and internationally renowned arts scene.
A cluster of people in inflated black inner tubes floats down the Trinity River with a portion of the Fort Worth skyline in the background

The People

No. 2

It’s consistently warm here, and we don’t just mean the weather. No one does friendly like the people of Fort Worth. Prepare to be spoken to by strangers, because no one stays a stranger long.
A taco plate in a Mexican restaurant

The Food

No. 3

The barbecue and Tex-Mex cuisine aren’t just delicious, they’re historic. But that’s just the beginning. Fort Worth’s amazing culinary offerings are varied and sophisticated. (But seriously, you can have your taco Tuesday seven days a week.)
The ticketing counters inside a Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport terminal that features four-story-tall ceilings with abundant natural light

The Access

No. 4

It’s pretty easy to get here, and to get around. Fort Worth is just the right size (the 13th largest city in America), and super accessible. A central hub near America’s fourth busiest airport, we’re smack dab in the middle of the country.
A northerly view at night looking up a downtown street lined with trees adorned with sparkling white lights to the county courthouse

Our Downtown

No. 5

Okay, we can brag just a little: we have the No. 1 downtown in America. This bright spot offers easy parking, performances, dining and great public spaces. Just minutes from campus, it’s where Fort Worth works by day and plays at night.
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